5 Steps to major label vocals

Simple and actionable steps to lead vocals that sound like a record.


Learn audio production tips from an established producer who has both top-level studio and lecturing experience.

If you want to improve your recordings, productions and mixes, you are in the right place.

Create mixes that sound the way they do in your head

Learn both practical tools and in-depth technical knowledge

Remove the guesswork - approach making music with clarity and precision

"In terms of production Pete’s teaching has been absolutely invaluable, whether it be his clever use of effects to really make a song shine or his intricate use of compression and EQ to tighten up a mix, I’ve learnt a lot from him. "

Andrew James
Music Producer

"Pete's teaching helped me understand the fundamental truths of mixing and why I wasn't achieving the results I wanted. Now I can mix better, faster and more efficiently thanks to his teaching!"

Jack Longman
Recording/Mixing Engineer

"Lessons with Pete have been both fun and informative. His use of subtle tape saturation and analogue modelled compression to add character to mixes, made it sound more authentically "analog". Helping me to get closer to the sound I was aspiring for."

Ramera Abraham
Recording Engineer



Simple and actionable steps to lead vocals that sound like a record.

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